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Voices Behind the Smoke: Sugarcane Burning and the Impacts

October 02, 2023 Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers, INC.
Fresh Take
Voices Behind the Smoke: Sugarcane Burning and the Impacts
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Show Notes

Patrick Ferguson, Senior Organizing Representative for Sierra Club’s Stop Sugar Field Burning Campaign, joins us to discuss the environmental impact of pre-harvest sugar burning.  

Beginning in 2015, the Stop the Burn campaign focuses on the environmental and public health consequences of pre-harvest sugar field burning. We will explore the success of green harvesting alternatives, highlighting countries that have embraced this approach. We will also examine the advocacy initiatives undertaken by local leaders, farmers, consumers, and sustainable food advocates.  

In this episode, learn about:  

- The Stop the Burn campaign  

- The environmental and health impacts of pre-harvest sugar field burning 

- How green harvesting has the potential to overhaul sugar burning 

Learn more about Sierra Club’s Stop Sugar Field Burning Campaign on the website: 

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